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Kenneth Nguyen
Lauren Albanese

Enija L Ward
Jiahui Su


UX Researcher

UX Designer

Why did we design this product?

Why did we design this product?

The study found that parents exert a significant influence on their children's development, parenting styles matter when raising children. And parenting style is closely related to children's attachment style. Attachment styles are centered and molded starting with how children and parents interact. Different parenting styles would cause different attachment styles. Attachment style impacts children's future behavior, emotional health, personality, character, well-being, social and cognitive development, and academic performance. Moreover, attachment styles are responsible for the bond that develops between adults in emotionally intimate relationships.


Overall, knowing children's attachment styles and parenting styles is very important to all parents when they raise children. However, many parents have no idea of that.

User Personas

User Personas

Based on the user research, we decided the target users are expecting/desired parents and current parents. We interview some of them and summarized their goals and frustrations into the personas.

Target Users and Their Main Goals

Target Users and Their Main Goals

Primary Users - Expecting or Desired Parents

  • Understanding their expectation of children's attachment style.

  • Knowing how different parenting styles impact children.

  • Curious about who they will be as parents.

  • Identifying and correcting behavior before they are actually parents.

  • Breaking the cycle of parenting style from the previous generation.

Secondary Users - Current Parents

  • Making better choices as a parent.

  • Wanting their children to show better behavior.

  • Communicating with other parents.

Project Summary

Project Summary

A website for parents, including two main functions - assessments and community.


  • Children's attachment style test (learn about own desires for children)

  • Parenting style test (learn about own parenting style in detail, including its pros and cons of raising children)

  • Personalized help and resources (find out the parenting style which is the fittest)


  • Long term users 

  • Meet other parents with similar results

  • Communicate with other parents

  • Ask parenting questions

  • Share experiences of raising children

Unique Value Proposition

Unique Value Proposition

Currently, there is no similar platform on the market. Most current parenting platforms are used to record the growth of children or give tips on raising children. Compare to other platforms, our website more focuses on letting parents know their desires for children and their parenting style; allows parents to make changes to the shortcomings of their current parenting style. They can find the most comprehensive information about parenting here. Not only new parents but also experienced parents can learn new parenting knowledge on the website. 




Anna is a pregnant woman, and her baby will be born in about 2 months. She really wants to be a good mom, but since she doesn't have any parenting experience before, she feels worried.


One day, she decides to watch some videos about parenting on YouTube. Before a video starts, there is an ad introducing a parenting website called "Smart Parent". The ad said that users can become better parents and raise their desired children by using this website.


After watching the ad, Anna is curious about the website. So, she clicks the link and be linked to the site.


Before entering the website, Anna needs to take the two-part test to first determine her desires for her child and then to access her parenting style.


The test result shows that Anna's parenting style is authoritarian which is not fit her desire for her child. She also learns about its positive and negative impacts on children. 


Under the test result, the website recommends Anna some related articles and videos that make her think about the changes she can make for her parenting way in the future. The website also recommends other users who have a similar result to her. She can get connect with them.


Two months later, Anna's baby was born. After that, whenever Anna has a problem with parenting, she will log on to this website, ask questions, or communicate with other parents in the community on the website. Anna is very grateful for this website. She thinks this website is a great help for new parents like her in parenting.



Base on the research, teal is a color of restfulness, mental and spiritual balance. It's made from blue (a color of tranquil stability) and green (optimistic color). By bringing both of those colors together, teal creates a reflective mood and provokes thinking. Therefore, we use teal as the main color for our website. It is the color that perfectly matches the goals of our website.

Website Mockup

Website Mockup

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